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A New Way to Have
Brand Partner Organized

With GIGWork, brand partner can now organize their day with a clear priority and available resources,  all in one-page, without missing any task

On boarding Brand Partners

Massive Results for On Boarding Training with GIGWork Templates

Imagine the moment a new brand partner joins. Instead of waiting for orientation in the coming week, they now have a GIGWork template that lists all the to do items actions they can take to get massive results within the first 48 hours.


From learning about the products, to start sharing on their social media accounts.


Coaching Brand Partner

Training Brand Partner the Lingo and Product Information

Imagine brands using survey forms embedded in GIGWork templates so that brand partners are constantly trained on the lingo and product information. 


This will train brand partners to be more successful in every way.

Coaching Brand Partners

Training Brand Partners 
How to Selling Live 

Imagine brand partners have a GIGWork checklist before they live sell, or before they participate in a live selling session.


Coaching Brand Partners

Express Your Good Habits

Good rituals are part and parcel of any good community, groups or tribes. 


Now with templates, brands and brand partners can create GIGWork templates to share actions that they can take to reinforce good values and cultures for being part of the group.


Sharing and collaboration are both at your fingertips


Maintaining Brand Partners' Performance

See Each Other’s Performance and Help Each Other

Brand partner join your company to achieve their dreams. 


With GIGWork Interaction Analytics, brand and brand partners can better check and lift each other up to get closer to their goals, fostering teamwork and collaboration


Retaining Brand Partners

Schedule Exciting New Product Announcements Posts

Imagine brands scheduling a new post and in the post, there is a GIGWork template to educate brand partners how they can best take action on the latest product announcements.


It also allows brand partners to take control of their time by scheduling tasks when they are free

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