Services & Solution

Network Marketing Solution

GIGWorld provides a one-stop solution for back-office connectivity, eCommerce, and social network community. If you are planning to start a new network marketing business or currently running a network marketing company with existing back-office system, we have the technologies know-how and solutions to help you empower your business.


Traceability Solution with Blockchain

Our technologies provide three key components that work together to authenticate and track your products on the eCommerce platform. We offer a secure authenticated mark printing solution, a mobile application for your brand investigator as well as end-customer and blockchain architecture to record every logistic transaction during the purchase process. Ensuring both the brand owner and customers a sense of security.


Social Network &

Communications Solution

Traditionally, direct sales businesses relied heavily on word of mouth to market their products. Since the internet era begins, social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube were heavily utilized for marketing efforts.

GIGWorld will build up a social network exclusively owned by your company, to share company news, activities, and announcement with your affiliates. You can even authorize affiliate members or key influencers to own a “channel” or post their sharing and activities within your Social Media Network.

Users can also share their posts from GIGWorld onto other social media seamlessly. This will eventually build up a content-sharing ecosystem for team bonding, customer engagement, and improve your company’s reputation with huge numbers of interactions beyond the community.

​We also offer a communication solution with chat, voice, and video call features, so your members can collaborate with other teammates efficiently.


Reward & Loyalty Solution

Payment is an essential part of networking marketing and eCommerce business. Many direct sell businesses are struggling with the commission calculation and processing with the traditional payment solution.

GIGWorld offers you a blockchain solution that allows your customers to pay with crypto currency and also pay out the commission to affiliate with our cryptocurrency solution. Which obviously reduces the payment process time and complexity for global payment transfer compares with the traditional commission payout system.

The blockchain solution can also use in other use cases, such as payment for channel subscriptions, loyalty point system when user buying with your eCommerce platform, or even give the user some reward point when they posting content or doing some interaction in your direct sell social network.